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The major point of that concept is to make enable, on the Franchise mode and on a world wide level, the construction, management, communication and development of tracks and circuits devoted to Karting.

KART CHANNEL INTERNATIONAL proposes to customers who have opted to invest in a Go-Kart circuit the concession of an exclusive exploitation license and to put at their disposal essentials informations representing the entire Ability of the promoter. These informations are contained into a Book of Ability written on the European ISO 9001 mode.
That could be resumed in a ready-to-manage circuit sale where every kind of answers would be given to wondering investors by this Book of Ability which sums a 30 years experience in Karting.

Missions of KART CHANNEL are:

  • To back up the investor in every step of the circuit and track creation until the complete ending of works (conception, estimates, plans, investigations for grounds, following of builder’s yards, administrative procedures deposits until gains of agreements, homologations, applies by Federal or International Authorities, etc..)
  • To give a strong support to investors when it’s time to start and manage the activity of the Go-Kart track and circuit. An accurate support will be given in every part of management in the two following couple months.
  • To make easier the commercial development of new products and services stemmed from the KART CHANNEL concept.
  • To regulate and improve sport, financial, legal and commercial aspects between all the affiliates.
  • To develop and make profitable on the world wide level, the technical Kart Channel solutions.

KART CHANNEL must deliver a modern, functional and the most profitable circuit in the very early time of its exploitation. It must perfectly fit with international norms and be capable of operating at the highest level of competition organizations.

The KART CHANNEL Ability enables to bring new solutions and advices for creating, developing and manage a modern Go-Kart track and circuit.
That way KART CHANNEL enables to make a much easier estimation of a Go-Kart track and circuit construction project.
New profitable activities centres are highlighted. They are turned towards international markets and clienteles and completely new in Karting business. They are about to complete nonexistent or insufficient offers and speed up the Go-Kart track and circuit profitability.
Every Go-Kart track and circuit investments are secure to return with KART CHANNEL commercial concept options.

Nowadays karting is no longer an enclosed sport. It needs to be mediatised to keep on growing. Unquestionably it is a source of great abundant happenings and sensational events.
That makes the show… but each time only for few audiences along the tracks side.
It’s time to spread this show all over the world.
KART CHANNEL places the emphasis on communication and put all of its circuits under video, pulling off, by images, the quintessence of a sport, rich in strong emotions.

By means of a unique and exclusive process (confidentiality), KART CHANNEL broadcasts and mediatises your circuit world wide, enables it to communicate through INTRANET with other circuits of the mark or spread and sell “in live”(or registered) images
to specialized operators (Radios, TV networks, Internet, etc.).

Your customers and partners will also benefit from important commercial fallouts, stemming from international competed and broadcasted Go-Kart races.
It is simply a question of selling a show.  

Community-based business, B2B and communication solutions of KART CHANNEL concept will enable the development of a sooner professional Go-Kart driver’s league. Our solutions imply a strong attraction of many commercial partners, advertisers and sponsors.
Karting must occupy a still growing stronger media space in the all show sports range. It is glamorous sometimes as well with a pleasant feminine attendance around circuits and along tracks. That matters for the show.

At last KART CHANNEL plans to give a special effort to pedagogy and drivers’ training throughout individual
Go-Kart coaching
This is a new kind of offer.
Our company is starting the first international school intended to coaches: the Kart Angels academy

They are in charge of supporting KART CHANNEL drivers’ customers as they compete on important racing events.
It’s time now for Karting to become more democratic. It had been reserved too much and too long to a sport elite profit.
That learns to be a champ.