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Following the example of many motor sports, Karting tracks circuits are places where amateurs of strong emotions love to fill up with adrenalin.
Beyond the hard-line competition, it had first become a true entertaining show, with an ever stronger involvement and ever more intense commitment of its followers.
Each race lives as a real show with dramatic turns of events and guaranteed new happenings.

As in many motor sports, the passion which engenders the competition and the risks taken by pilots, also entice young and pretty babes . They are more and more numerous walking up and down paddocks paths and pit lanes.

The concept KART CHANNEL wishes to emphasize this so gorgeous cocktail, composed of entertainement, fun, youth, dynamism and feminine charm.
Well balanced a little bit on the same bases which drove windsurfing, as to be a fashionable sport in the 60s.
Nowadays communications ways and opportunities to communicate are much more important than before and guarantie huge mediatisation possibilities. 

KART CHANNEL strongest idea is not focused on competitions and victories only whatever it would costs, but on using competition as lever effect to create the show.
Obviously that will generate great sensations and thus spectators.
The bottom line is not so much the victory but especially the way it is obtained.

The recognition of Karting as an emotional show is needed to become the main key which will lead this sport towards a media reality and will give all its chances to be profitable not only considering the hard-line competition values.

Forget a little while technical points of view and required materials to gain victory, and keep on focusing on pilots’ abilities to value this sport.
That's what happens in the USA :The show is pumping up higher and higher at every time .. !