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You have decided to know more from the KART CHANNEL project.Thanks for your trust!

KART CHANNEL INTERNATIONAL Ltd is a trade mark with an Intellectual Propriety registration number.
Its I.N.P.I. license number is 8 3 564 419

Any information you would need to take any decision at any time will be communicate and exchange under a non-disclosure Agreement
These informations are included in all documents relative to KART CHANNEL activity like business plan, financial projections, industrial and sport matters, innovations etc.
All these informations are registered and protected by law.

If you would decide to formalize collaboration or even acquaint with essential informations which enable to take decision and/or engage relationships with KART CHANNEL Company, please download the appropriate non-disclosure Agreement document.

After you’ve printed it please sign and scan it again before sending this signed version to:

You may forward us this document by regular postal mail to the French adress of the company mentioned at the bottom of the contract.

Thanks for your understanding.