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Everything would be so simple and more enjoyable in Karting as if drivers could only count on their own pilot’s talent .. and then blow up chronos on tracks!
It would be that simple … if only a go-kart wasn’t that so sophisticated stuff needing to be tuned up..
As well as the pilot’s ability, perfect settings on his machine are essential. A pilot with an average ability driving a well tuned go-kart will be more effective than an excellent driver behind a pretty bad adjusted machine’s steering-wheel.

InKarting all things are bounded and entirely connecting one with each other.It’s that hard to fix as the parameters are constantly changing with grip conditions, weather, types of rubbers, materials, track layout, etc. As usual in motor sports experience prevails to be up tuning a go-kart. Years of experience matter.

For improving their customers’ performances, KART CHANNEL and its promoter are convinced of the necessity of a better pedagogy in the learning of Karting practice.
Here is our three words motto: LearningUnderstandingWinning.

Learning how parts of your go-kart work and how they influence on its working independently one from each other and all together.
Understanding how you can drive to make them work to their fullest
Winning due to the fact that you’ve got well understood how to make a perfect blend with that perfect working of your go-kart parts

KART CHANNEL is the very first company to launch a specific training intended to Karting’s coaches.
Coaches bring a strong race support for our drivers customers. They draw that essential link between our customers and us.Obviously they are trained to our specific training methods and take aim at one thing only: Final victory for KART CHANNEL racers.

But KART CHANNEL emphasizes also the pilots’ training for its customers.

Karting internship training, put back to levels, in-service training, etc. are as many assets
which allow KART CHANNEL customers to begin in Karting and to improve faster.

How to begin competing in Karting with a coach support. This is the new KART CHANNEL bet to be succeeded. If you need advices and tips-off for go-karts races, KART CHANNEL proposes several formulas racing support or training to compete in Karting at your choice:

  • For the day (race support with tries, qualifying heats and final)
  • For the week end (advices on free sessions, chronos, qualifying heats and final)
  • Training for a week (technical knowledge evaluation, brief learning of fundamental, races tries simulation, a put back to level and updating, racing support
    (if necessary) 
  • A one month complete formation (A step by step detailed fundamental learning, technical evaluation and put back to level, specific preparation and physical training, psychological approach, race management, etc.) 

Our support takes place all around the world on every kind of races and for all type of C.I.K. classes.

Contact us : jcd@kart-channel.com for more information.