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In those hard times of international financial crisis, a large over warmed majority of traditional investors has turned away from usual financial markets which were so far liven up by irresponsible traders aiming maximum profitability on virtual risky investments whom many of those were artificially created with the aim of making more and more money the faster they can.

In an other hand less attractive regarding these high performances virtual financial products, the real economy which does release essential added value to the good functioning of our economy (productivity, employment, growth) is still successful although according to sectors missing finances to plan to keep on growing effectively.

Then it seems that the world of economy is like suspending at to pick up again the main economic engine: TRUST

If some sectors of economy (Automotive, Real Estate) have not anticipated enough this world crisis some other sectors like Sport and Tourism are still protected from financial turbulences (http://www.veilleinfotourisme.fr/1201693789839/0/fichearticle/&RH=TOU_INT) and don't seem to be affected by the lack of investment funds.
The reason why is simple: Huge financial investments realized since these 20 past years all over the world are all coming along to be fruitful and all efforts are keeping up this still developing sector of economy.
Sport is a show which is still good for trade:
Cycling with Tour de France, Football matches which fill huge stadiums all over the world, Tennis with Grand Slam and of course Formula One. But the earth supreme event that fills the partners company's treasuries is Olympic Games (Coca Cola, Adidas, Samsung, Mc Donalds, Panasonic, etc.)
KART CHANNEL is totally involved into this type of fast growing business and remains that tool which enables partners to have a world wide communication through Motor sports.
KART CHANNEL proposes to partners a high profitable investment bringing an indisputable additional value to their company's brand image.

KART CHANNEL announces in its financial plan :

  • A net profit of 18,50% at first year of exploitation term
  • An increasing growth that reach 21,30% and 22,60% the 2 following years
  • A back investment planed on 7 years only
Numerous innovations which concern essentially last generation communication means are leading KART CHANNEL to be the first company in the World to integrate new technologies for Karting: Video broadcasting, Internet, private TV Channels, Mobile Phone providers, Satellite transmission but also some more traditional medias: Radio, specialized magazines, sponsorship, Organizations of events for companies, etc. .

Communication has become an important matter and the major priority for modern companies' development but also for its all partners: KART CHANNEL is coming up to the new market expectation with an original way.
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